POTAFIORI is a “flower bistro”, and it comes from the vision of singing florist Rosalba Piccinni, who has developed, over the years, her passion in welcoming people, by turning the time needed to prepare a flower bouquet into a very relaxing moment for enjoying good music along with good food.

POTAFIORI is a new way of spending time together. It is a daily open flower shop, equipped with a kitchen, and it pleasantly surrounds you with a very friendly atmosphere. In the morning, you can be served breakfast, while appreciating the preparation of the fresh flowers of the day; later you can have lunch and learn how to arrange seasonal flowers with cords, strings and barks; in the evening you can enjoy some appetizers with a glass of good wine or have dinner listening to Rosalba’s solo voice, which, through its pleasing musicality, will make you wander to distant places.

Rosalba’s eclectic personality can be perceived all around the place, even in the name “POTAFIORI” which refers to her regional dialect: “Yes, I’m from Bergamo and I love playing with words. Pot, pota, potare, so many languages with so many different meanings. The choice is yours!”

The charming fusion of flowers and taste is granted by Chef Giorgio Bresciani’s cuisine, which consists of simple but unique creations. Rosalba’s style is polished and her concept is focused on conviviality: “Flowers and music are my life. I’m a singing florist, I like to be surrounded by flowers, to write serenades and then I love to share these amazing moments with people in the most plain and cheerful way. I’ve always been attracted by the idea of an extended family, a house with no doors, a place where we can find our sense of self”.

A flowers shop

POTAFIORI is a flower shop in the first place. Its life is based on flowers and the care they need. Cut­off flowers, ornamental plants, branches, roots and bulbs act as a background to a regular day in POTAFIORI. All these elements are used for both the shop set­up and the compositions produced by Rosalba. Barks, twines, strings, cords, plastic materials, rubber and metal combine and provide that contrast which turns paradox into harmony.

POTAFIORI is a flower shop and, besides the direct selling of cut­off flowers, plants and compositions of all sorts, it provides integrated solutions for permanent outfitting (terraces and private gardens), ongoing supplies (offices, shops, hotels, restaurants) and all kinds of events (fashion shows, parties, weddings).

A flower shop with a kitchen

At POTAFIORI’s, food and flowers play a leading role. Rosalba Piccinni’s taste and style are well represented by Giorgio Bresciani, a young but already experienced chef; his cuisine proposes simple but unusual and creative recipes. The menu is updated on a weekly basis according to the market, the season and the chef’s intuition, always agreeing with the mood of the shop and the astonishing flower creations.

Lookswise, the “mise en place” is as important as the aesthetic perspective of the flowers; bold matches of diverse materials transform a dish into a unique visual experience.
Ground. Origins. Roots. Culture. A dish that’s made of beauty and design; at POTAFIORI’s all the recipes are prepared with these ingredients. Real culture is made of simplicity and experience, that is preserved intact and precious.

Design collection

POTAFIORI is a concept store. Its soul is made of flowers, from the most precious to the most common, but among wild herbs, roses, spiny restharrows, rare orchids, cactus leaves and fragrant blossoms you will find signature design objects. Rosalba’s flair and energy reverberate across the choice of everything that complements flowers.

She gets back to the apron model that’s been worn for years in her shops and together with Elisabetta Campana she revises it following a daring and winning intuition, using cotton cloth or linen and cotton fabrics, designed after original drawings by William Morris. The result is estranging, camouflage and pop. Cheerful, humorous and very elegant at the same time.

POTAFIORI keeps on building projects and collaborations with many different companies. Pota Design Collection is taking shape: objects and products selected and specifically designed with passion and talent.

Flowers and music

An unexpected serenade at your table. At POTAFIORI’s, even this is likely to happen, because Rosalba is the “singing florist”, known for delivering her urban contemporary serenades, as she brings you her black voice along with a bouquet.
To her, flowers and music are linked, otherwise something would be missing and she has managed to make an art form out of this union. Rosalba started singing during her childhood. In the 90’s she debuts as a pop singer and records various original songs.

Rosalba Piccinni’s career takes off after eight sold­out shows at Blue Note in Milan and other venues such as the Fashion Night, Gran Premio di Monza, Festival del Cinema di Ischia along with private events at Museo Bagatti Valsecchi in Milan, Palazzo Albergati in Bologna, Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo and shows for Trussardi, Mercedes and Rinascente.

The ideal location

POTAFIORI is a flexible venue and it can be adjusted to the most diverse demands. It’s open from 9 in the morning to midnight, on a single 300­square­meter floor, with a professional kitchen, a bar and more than 80 seats, POTAFIORI can be reserved for an exclusive use or along with the regular activity. A temporary show-room, a space for presentations, parties or company dinners, POTAFIORI can offer integrated and modular services at all time.

Flowers, food and music are the cornerstones for convivial occasions rather than great entertainment events.
Working breakfasts, lunches or dinners, aperitif soirees, live music nights… there’s plenty of possible combinations and the chances are close to countless!

POTAFIORI is the place where everything is well made.